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When trees are cut down to ground level or above, they leave a stump where nothing can grow except mushrooms and shoots from the still-living root system. The most common way to get rid of stumps is to have them ground below ground level. This can be done when the tree is first cut down or much later. Special grinding equipment is necessary and comes in a variety of sizes, for use depending on the size of the tree, how deep the stump is ground and how much access the stump grinding service has (i.e. getting through a fence to a backyard.)

The stump is ground six inches or deeper and the root system is left in the ground to decompose. Grinding creates a mound of wood chips that make excellent mulch and can be spread in planting beds, gardens and around trees and shrubs. The consumer usually has a choice as to what to do with them but the more time a tree service spends dealing with the chips, the more the consumer will be charged.

To grow something over the site of the ground stump, the hole should be back-filled with chips almost to ground level, covered with a layer of planting soil, then re-seeded or replanted.


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